Arseniy Potapov

Senior Backend Developer | Solution Architect

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Senior backend engineer, specializing on data and high load, >10yrs in web development, python & database expert, team leader & project manager, great communicator & problem solver

Web Development Project Management Agile Internet Advertising Python Django Flask Tornado Twisted Celery SQL Node Javascript Typescript Vue.js React GraphQL Redis MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB ElasticSearch Cassandra Amazon Web Services Docker Heroku Rust C++ Unity Android iOS Data Analysis Machine Learning TensorFlow Pandas NumPy SciPy Scikit-Learn Big Data Algorithms Blockchain Solidity Web3 Algo trading Crypto Git CI / CD

Technology Expertise

  • Python, >10 years
  • Web Frameworks (Django, Express), >10 years
  • AWS (EC2, ECS, Lambda, S3), >10 years
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), >15 years
  • NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch), >8 years
  • Data Analysis (NumPy, Pandas), 9 years
  • Docker, 8 years
  • Serverless, 5 years
  • Linux, 15 years
  • JS (TypeScript, React, Vue, Async), 5 years
  • Crypto (Blockchain, Solidity, Web3, Rust), 1 year


Arseniy is simply one of the best developers I've had the pleasure of working with. We relied on his abilities greatly when it came to the most complicated tasks in our system.

Etai Raz | Chief Technoligy Officer @ LQFI

Arseniy is an excellent Python developer and highly recommend him for any software development team. He is an excellent team player with loads of experience developing highly scalable web applications and big data processing systems in AWS.

Craig Kirk | VP of Software Engineering @

It was real pleasure working with Arseniy and Alex - they were an integral part of our development team at Crossrider. They took part in building one of the most fast-growing mobile ad marketplace systems in the world, processing billions of transactions daily.

Oren Gampel | R&D Vice President @ Crossrider Plc

Arseniy is a great developer and very good at communicating!

During a time when Host Compliance saw significant growth and profitability, Arseniy proved to be a valuable member & leader of the engineering team. He could always be counted on for his technical acumen, thoughtful system design, and mentorship. I can confidently say that Arseniy is one of the finest engineers I've ever hired and I would love the opportunity to work with him again.

Lucas Culbertson | Director of Engineering @

Arseniy is a great developer capable of solving complex problems. In our years of working together he would consistently achieve high quality results and was someone team members would look to when they needed help. Any team is lucky to have him.

Ars worked on the slackbot, email automation and serverless related tasks for us. He is very skilled and we love working with him. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Arseniy has been the BEST contractor on odesk I've worked with. He's a great team member and a great asset to success of any project he touches.

Work Experience

  • Senior Full-Stack Developer @ LQFI

    Being one of the core engineers in the algo-trading team
    - Developed algo trading strategies for Binance / Kraken / Huobi / FTX
    - Integrated cold wallets with the platform via Web3
    - Extended internal framework, added multiple API integrations

    React.js Node.js Typescript Rust Solidity Web3 Crypto Algo trading MongoDB AWS ECS

  • Senior Backend Engineer @ HostCompliance by Granicus

    The World's #1 provider of short-term rental compliance monitoring end enforcement solution for local governments. Host Compliance makes it easy for municipalities to implement and enforce fair and effective short-term rental rules.

    Python PostgreSQL ElasticSearch AWS ECS GraphQL Serverless Flask SQLAlchemy Pandas Docker

  • Founder & Sr. Consultant @ PyPie

    A team of professional Python / Django developers with a great experience in various scaled, distributed, highly loaded web products. Highly capable, professional troubleshooters and performance consultants

    Python Go SQL NoSQL AWS Heroku Serverless Docker Kafka API

  • Sr. Consultant @ CORRECtic

    Platform & dashboard for industrial plants to control and optimize their energy consumption. Multi-level access, email & phone notifications, automated report generation, machine learning prediction & segmentation, direct plant-to-cloud data streaming integration.

    Python MongoDB AWS VueJS Data analysis Charts Twilio

  • Automation Engineer @ nClouds

    AWS & DevOps Consulting Services. I worked on internal projects for automating weekly reports generation: from gathering data from multiple sources and picking up notes from the relevant team members to data analysis & visualization and actual delivery via email & web.

    Python Serverless AWS Lambda DynamoDB S3 Pandas Data analysis Slack bots Google Docs API

  • Backend Developer @ Autocruitment

    Specialized medical CRM. A tool for automating recruitment of patients for clinical trials. Email & adwords marketing automation, CRM & dashboard for different user roles, quizes for patient candidates. Localization.

    Python Django Heroku PostgreSQL VueJS Javascript

  • Lead Developer @ Crossmob

    Developing a high load distributed service hosted on Amazon AWS (EC2, S3), based on Django, Python, Redis, MySQL Twisted, Celery, gevent and a little bit Lua on top of Nginx for lower level networking.

    Python Javascript AWS MongoDB Redis

  • Core Developer @

    Remote work marketplace with 2M user base evolved from social network. Job matching based on machine learning algorithm processing skills and other user profile data.

    Python Flask Celery MongoDB ElasticSearch Redis Machine Learning Data Analysis C++ C++ Docker

  • Core Developer @

    Personal brand profile constructor, later evolved into a professional social network and remote positions marketplace

    Python Tornado Flask Celery MongoDB AWS Docker

  • Senior Developer @ Ajillion by Crossrider

    Developing a high load distributed service hosted on Amazon AWS (EC2, S3), based on Django, Python, Redis, MySQL, Celery, gevent and a little bit Lua on top of Nginx for lower level networking.

    Python Django Celery AWS MongoDB MySQL Lua Redis Big Data High load Low latency

  • Senior Python Developer @ Blackcloud BSG

    Django project: automation tool & educational platform for marketing managers: cold calls, prospecting, scheduler

    Python Django AWS Twitter Bootstrap MySQL

  • Game Developer @ Anomaly Zone by CTS Games

    Anomaly Zone (ex SZoneOnline) is online 3D-shooter game. Programming game scripts, shooting math, anti-cheating system, account and character creating flow, gathering statistics.

    Python C++ MySQL Game Development Data Analysis 3D Client-Server High load Distributed Computation