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Arseniy Potapov

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Senior web developer, specializing in data and high load, over a decade in web development, python & database expert, team leader & project manager, great communicator & problem solver

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Web Development
Data Engineering
Data Modeling
Big Data
Data Structures
Data Visualization
Data Analysis
AWS Lambda
API Development
Back-End Development
Web Services
Code Reviews
Solution Architecture
Team Leadership
Product Development
Software Architecture
Technical Leadership
Amazon Redshift
Deep Neural Networks
Billing Systems
Computer Vision
MySQL Clustering
Twilio API
Facebook API
Kafka Streams
Algorithmic Trading
Applied Mathematics
Load Testing
Low Latency
Redis Clusters
Convolutional Neural Networks
Marketing Automation
Affiliate Marketing
Mobile Advertising
Computer Science
Recurrent Neural Networks
Neural Networks
Email Marketing
Twitter API
Spark Streaming
Transactional Emails
Stripe Payments
Telegram Bot
Healthcare IT

Technology Expertise

  • Web Development (Django, Express), 12 years
  • AWS (EC2, ECS, Lambda, S3), 10 years
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL), 15 years
  • Data Engineering (ETL, Data Pipelines), 10 years
  • Python (Django, Flask, Pandas, Numpy), 11 years
  • Javascript (React, Vue, TypeScript), 5 years
  • Docker (Docker, ECS), 8 years
  • Serverless (AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework), 5 years
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), 15 years


Arseniy is simply one of the best developers I've had the pleasure of working with. We relied on his abilities greatly when it came to the most complicated tasks in our system.

Work Experience


- Now

Senior Software Developer

TrueRoll is a tool that uses data science and artificial intelligence to help governments accurately collect tax data and uncover exemptions. This process benefits local governments, elected officials, and citizens by saving time and money, generating new revenue, and potentially identifying previously unknown tax benefits.

I work on:
· Onboarding customers and data vendors
· Integrations with third party enterprise systems
· DevOps and information security
· Developing new API for the application

Python · AWS · PostgreSQL · GovTech · Web Development




Senior Full-Stack Developer

Market Making as a Service. LQFI provides unified digital asset trading infrastructure, enabling high velocity, efficient, and secure trading. Crypto liquidity provider on centralized and decentalized exchanges.

Being one of the core engineers in the algo-trading team
· I developed algo trading strategies for Binance / Kraken / Huobi / FTX
· Integrated cold wallets with the platform via Web3
· Extended internal framework, added multiple API integrations

React · Rust · EC2 · Blockchain · Solidity · API Integrations · AWS · Node.js · Web3 · MongoDB · Fintech · Typescript · Web Development


Granicus Inc.


Senior Backend Engineer

The World's #1 provider of short-term rental compliance monitoring end enforcement solution for local governments. Host Compliance makes it easy for municipalities to implement and enforce fair and effective short-term rental rules. SAAS for the US government to control short-term rentals, compliance, reports and tax collection. Integrations with third party services, web scraping, data processing, payments, auth, public APIs. Granicus acquired HostCompliance in 2020, I continued my role as a software engineer.

· I developed a platform API for short-term rental platforms to comply with the city of Los Angeles laws. This had a significant effect on cleaning fraudulent/unregistered listings from Airbnb and other platforms in LA.
· Created an API for user file uploads with a focus on security and. FedRAMP guidelines. This feature allowed encryption, very granular access control, and tight security policies to be implemented.
· Developed part of the platform allowing property management companies to renew their rental permits, report and pay taxes in bulk rather than individually.
· Built a basement for GraphQL back end for a new dashboard, which was highly modular and flexible and used a schema-first approach. This allowed the back-end team to extend the features quickly and kept the front-end team less dependent on back-end releases.

Stripe · AWS · Microservices · Jira · Flask · Pandas · GitHub · Access · Data Engineer · AWS Lambda · Data Analysis · Git · Numpy · Web Services · Docker · SQLalchemy · PostgreSQL · Serverless · EC2 · Data Modeling · Security · ElasticSearch · Redis · Crawlers · PostGIS · GraphQL · SQL · Python · Data Engineering · LESS · SaaS



Sr. Tech Consultant

Platform & dashboard for industrial plants to control and optimize their energy consumption. Multi-level access, email & phone notifications, automated report generation, machine learning prediction & segmentation, direct plant-to-cloud data streaming integration. Focus on scalability, availability & cost-efficiency.

· Consulted client regarding algorithms, performance issues, tech stack, and solution architecture. Researched when required. Played a leading role in building a long-term strategy, solution architecture designing, planning sprints, grooming the task backlog, and preparing the tickets.
· Managed project and agile development team. Lots of code reviews done. Mentored and onboarded new developers. Tracked team's KPIs and goals.
· Handled all dev ops work and configured the cloud infrastructure from scratch.

PagerDuty · IoT · AWS · Flask · CI/CD · Pandas · Agile · Cloud · API Integrations · NoSQL · Data Analysis · Git · Numpy · Web Services · Solution Architecture · Data Modeling · GitLab · Machine Learning · Celery · Code Reviews · Node.js · Vue.js · MongoDB · Python · Data Engineering · UI Development



Co-Founder & Sr. Tech Consultant

Managed a team of senior developers working on various projects, such
as energy consumption monitoring technology, money remittance
platform based on crypto, advertisement campaigns auto-optimization,
mobile ads exchange, etc.

· Built an algorithm for the auto-optimization of internet advertising campaigns, which maximizes their performance by finding and blocking traffic sources and platforms that do not convert well enough.
· Architected and implemented ETL for a mobile advertising affiliate network. I used proprietary technologies for predicting the likelihood of conversion based on device data.
· Developed a bot detection feature that redirected bots from website content to other destinations—protecting content from crawling.
· Implemented email marketing automation and CRM integration, using SparkPost API and Zoho CRM.
· Consulted clients in the tech area, architected solutions, and managed an agile dev team. Participated in a lot of planning, communication, brainstorming, and architecting. Tracked team's KPIs and managed the goals.
· Played multiple roles - team lead, lead developer, scrum master, project manager, code reviewer, QA, mentor

AWS · ETL · Microservices · Flask · Pandas · Agile · Project Management · Django · MySQL · Data Engineer · NoSQL · JavaScript · Git · Numpy · Docker · PostgreSQL · Serverless · Data Modeling · Celery · Optimization · Scrum · Redis · Crawlers · Vue.js · MongoDB · Crypto · SQL · Python · QA · Data Engineering · SaaS · Communication



Software Developer

Worked on automating all manual processes. Completely based on
serverless approach, fully controlled via Slack bot.

Integrated with various APIs: Mailgun, Slack, Google Spreadsheets,

AWS & DevOps Consulting Services. I worked on internal projects for automating weekly reports generation: from gathering data from multiple sources and picking up notes from the relevant team members to data analysis & visualization and actual delivery via email & web.

PagerDuty · Serverless · AWS · Data Engineer · Pandas · AWS Lambda · NoSQL · DevOps · Data Analysis · ElasticSearch · Python · DynamoDB · Docker


Senior Developer

Worked as core engineer in personal website construction service, helped it evolve into a remote job platform and professional social network with 2M users online. Besides other tasks I solely worked on
machine learning algorithm for smart job matching.

Integrated with Joined databases, doubled user base, added job matching and other services. Work time tracker app.

· Developed social networking features (follows, likes, and feeds) to be almost linearly scalable.
· Spotted and successfully coped with several bottlenecks in the back-end API code and infrastructure; made huge speed and robustness improvements.
· Wrote an algorithm to match users together based on contact lists users upload (a social networking feature).
· Performed email service integration, including dealing with bounces, unsubscribes, campaigns, and conversion funnel (marketing-specific experience).
· Integrated the billing, which includes work with user's accounts, transactions, adjustments, and recurrent payment plans (experience with user's money).
· Applied machine learning (NLP, clustering, neural networks, classification) to match users with open job positions based on their profile and job description. Also developed an algorithm to predict the required skills for a job based on its description.

Back-End Development · Qt · AWS · Microservices · Flask · Heroku · Data Engineer · NoSQL · Data Analysis · Git · Web Services · Docker · EC2 · Data Modeling · ElasticSearch · Machine Learning · Celery · C++ · Redis · MongoDB · Python · Data Engineering


Ajillion by Crossrider


Senior Python Developer

Core developer, worked on a high load distributed service serving
millions mobile ads per second.

· I developed a high load distributed service hosted on Amazon AWS (EC2, S3), based on Django, using Python, Redis, MySQL, HP Vertica, Twisted, Celery, gevent and a little bit Lua on top of Nginx for lower level networking.

Fixed a system to scale linearly by profiling and eliminating critical bottlenecks, and dramatically reducing IO usage on each cluster node.
Implemented a global lock feature on top of a Redis DB. Whenever it should be guaranteed that the shortcode section has exclusive access to some portion of data, it just acquires a lock, and other instances won't be able to reach it until release.
Dramatically reduced latency by adding memorization on top of a local process memory and 2-level caching (local and remote Redis).
Integrated with Google Ads, MobFox, and other RTB partners (real-time bidding).
Created a special filtering layer on the level of Nginx. Lua scripts apply all the filtering efficiently by dropping not-useful connections very early, even before it gets to the Python back end.

Lua · AWS · Django · Access · MySQL · NGINX · Git · Web Services · EC2 · Data Modeling · Celery · Node.js · Big Data · Redis · SQL · MongoDB · Python · Data Engineering · Amazon Redshift · SaaS

Blackcloud BSG

Blackcloud BSG


Senior Python Developer

Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services. I was a developer team lead, developed web portal for cold call tracking & marketers training.
Fully managed development process.

Developed a platform for the salespeople where they could schedule meetings, record their progress, and where they can self-educate to sell better and increase their KPI.
Managed a team of developers, discussed features with the client, planned sprints, and then distributed tasks to developers, did showcases, and gathered feedback. Used Agile methodology.
Developed a data-set preparation layer for a cloud machine learning platform: the data was accepted in different formats, and it has to be unpacked, parsed, shuffled, normalized, split onto parts, and fed into the machine learning workers' queue.
Created a data set management system: a user can upload his data sets, review them, view some statistics, configure how to process them, download and remove them. It then passes it into the machine learning session OFC.

AWS · Jira · Agile · Bootstrap · Cloud · Django · MySQL · Data Engineer · JavaScript · Git · PostgreSQL · EC2 · Statistics · Web Development · Machine Learning · Celery · SQL · Python · SaaS


Simple OTP Demo

Simple OTP is a functional and secure solution demo. It allows users to verify their email or phone number by entering a unique One-Time Password (OTP) code. The demo app was built using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, including React, Material-UI, and AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and the Serverless framework.

With Simple OTP, users can enter their email or phone number, receive an OTP code, and then enter the code to receive a signed JWT token that contains their email or phone number in the sub claim. This demo app demonstrates integration with third-party APIs such as Twilio and Mailgun for SMS and email services, respectively. It showcases use of Python, PyOTP, PyJWT, PynamoDB, and Requests libraries for server-side programming and API integration.

React · Typescript · JWT · Mailgun API · Twilio API · Python · Serverless · AWS · DynamoDB

Push To Notion (web app integration)

Push to Notion" is a tool that allows users to quickly and easily add items to their Notion to-do list from various sources, such as Siri, Alfred, Slack, and Telegram. The motivation for this project came from the need for a convenient way to add items to a Notion to-do list without having to open the Notion app and locate the appropriate page. This can be especially useful for users who are on-the-go or occupied with other tasks, as it helps to maintain momentum and context.

Python · Microservices · OAuth · DynamoDB · AWS · AWS Lambda · Chatbot · API Integrations

@scan_driver_license_bot (telegram)

The ID Scanner Telegram bot is a reliable, efficient tool for extracting information from ID cards and driver licenses (US only). By sending a photograph of the document to the bot, users can receive the parsed data in JSON form as a response.

This bot utilizes the capabilities of AWS Lambda and Amazon's computer vision API to accurately process and extract data from the image, without storing any information or images. As a stateless, serverless service, the ID Scanner Telegram bot offers a secure and private experience for users.

Try the ID Scanner Telegram bot to streamline the process of extracting data from physical documents.

Python · Microservices · OAuth · DynamoDB · AWS · AWS Lambda · Chatbot · API Integrations

@PageScreenshotBot (telegram)

The Webpage Screenshot Telegram bot allows users to easily capture full-height screenshots of web pages. Simply send a command to the bot with the desired URL, and receive a screenshot as a response.

This bot leverages Puppeteer and a containerized Chrome instance to generate high-quality screenshots, all powered by AWS Lambda. With the Webpage Screenshot Telegram bot, capturing and sharing website content has never been easier.

Try out the Webpage Screenshot Telegram bot today and simplify your web content capture needs.

Python · Docker · Puppeteer · AWS Lambda · Chatbot · API Integrations

Match Cards (game for kids)

an interactive educational game using React for the frontend and Python for scripts and API integrations. The game helps kids learn English vocabulary through a fun and engaging experience, where players match spoken words with corresponding pictures. The media used in the game includes unique, custom-generated images, thanks to Midjourney AI, making the game more visually appealing and immersive. The game is a unique and effective educational tool for young learners, with its focus on language learning, interactive design, and cutting-edge technology.

React · Typescript · AI · Python · Google Spreadsheet API

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